Either you vote for the Game-Changers or the Game won’t change.


What happens if you indulge too long into not voting for the real Right wing party of your country. Wherever you are, Italy, Austria, UK, Netherlands etc.

In the UK, the RhodesMustFall movement can say they want to pull down the statues of the british empire and insult white girls who earn a living working as waitresses.

In Norway a white guy was sodomized by a somali man and was “sorry”, felt “guilty” when the somali was repatriated.

In Germany, Britain and Sweden there are sharia tribunals and patrols and the masonic-controlled governments try to make it illegal, for racism, that the white skinned citizens complain.

This is not visionary, this has already happened.

What do we do with another “green” “lefty” pro-immigration that becomes automatically pro-islamic immigration and that survives with censorships of white citizens who complain, leader? I beg the austrians as an italian: don’t vote Van der Bellen, vote Hofer.

The feeling is, if you wait too long for voting Right, the left makes the situation un-rescuable.

Which is the Right? Right means Right, what the leftists call far-right, what we say about it “the opposite of far right is far wrong”. It’s UKIP, FPÖ, Brothers of Italy, it’s the Sweden Democrats etc. These people are real game-changers, the question is not whether freemasonry likes them or the establishment of the national broadcasting company of Sweden likes them, the point is: “do you want to change the game? or not?” if you want to change the game you must vote for a game changer the established lefty, masonic power dislike and the best thing in all this: is you can win. When Olaf of Norway was cast away Norway and had to move temporarily to France, in Normandie, he lived as an outcast, but he came back and was en-crowned King of Norway, because he had the right and brought a big change with him from France, the conversion to Christianity, the fact that you or “they” are outcast doesn’t mean they are not good, they are outcast because they are too good. In Sweden I say it without being a swede, the only swedes who stand on their feet are the Sweden Democrats, the others have accepted everything/anything. I’m not saying that it’s untrue in a SD’s club someone may not really say a racist joke, and I know sensitive people dislike it, and they dislike it rightly, people who dislike racist jokes even when they’re not punished they are better, but the rest of Sweden is worst. Rhodes Must Fall is worst: it is more evil. Game changers are never politically correct because they are rebels in the core of their personality, if they try to obey a wicked system, because this is it, they suffer more. Now Brexit is another game-changer. Staying in, means staying in a corrupt, patronizing anti-democratic system, that tells you what’s good or bad for you, without letting you see, TTIP is good for you, you haven’t got to read it, don’t read it, we know it and if you read it and broadcast it, it is illegal (???) This reminds me of the catholic church with the Bible, you shouldn’t read the Bible because they knew better and the Bible in your hands would be dangerous and we saw the result, Pope Francis and the Vatican like the EU because the EU is like them: we protect you, you don’t read the laws, you cannot vote them, repeal them, you just take our regulations and help the poor…you don’t like it? You don’t wanna help the poor and accept our regulations? That’s dangerous, a calamity for humanity, listen to pope Francis, Angelina Jolie and Keira Knightly, they know better than you little peasant who wants democracy and opposes the people who know more…I can believe the masonic jewish conspiracy saving all the jews who have nothing to do with this, just like I can perfectly believe the masonic jesuitic part of the conspiracy. They do talk and act like the Vatican. I don’t accept this: Vote Brexit. Show who you are.

And remember: either you vote a game-changer, independently from Rothschild, the BBC, Keira Knightly, George Osborne or the pope, or you are accepting their game. And their game brought you somewhere you don’t like. Take back control, Vote Leave.

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