The EU belongs to the Past. We already can feel the smell of old dust around it. Lord Owen explains it.

Apart from George Osborne who says the brexiteers are economic illiterate. He, who has already half of his brain done in cocaine. Lord Owen – ok I had said I wouldn’t write about Brexit anymore but I can’t resist – explains very elegantly and clearly to the Britons the difference between the ECC as it was till 1992 and what the EU has become till now, I attach the videos then we’ll discuss:

Now the elegant Lord Owen, explains why it is not the same anymore to stay in this EU the way they, and we also, joined when we joined the ECC. It has become an empire without saying it, you know what about my article when I said I wouldn’t campaign for Brexit anymore, since the Germans still, unashamed as they are, say we Italians just cannot keep a promise and change ally in the middle of the war, and they refer to “that” war when they had the idea of killing 6 millions jews one by one and we had even to give a hand and now we are invaded by leftists who are strong for that and we don’t know how to get rid of them. I am not campaigning for brexit I am campaigning for the destruction of the EU, brexit being the big blow, I am inside the EU I have all reasons to campaign, we italians are, as Lord Owen said about the eurozone, even more damaged than the others, and Brexit would give  a hand. A big hand. So please.

What does Owen say? It is not in the british interests to stay in, it is more in the american interest that we stay in so we can make it work better, but it is time that we do our interests, sorry. Yes it is time also because the EU perceives itself as an empire and here we must give right to Boris Johnson, apart from the white suprematist element, it is obvious, evident that from the EU and particularly from the EJC regulations come that cannot be changed by any parliament. While the normal laws about anything and everything, if the voters don’t like them they can campaign and change them, the EU is meant in a “prussian” way, the regulations are not decided by any parliament and cannot be changed or repealed by any parliament, but you must obey them, in a rather hopeless/helpless way. Even if one regulation each ten may even  happen to be right it doesn’t make the system acceptable the same. And the other nine you should swallow them too. Sometimes the Inners say: the EU helps LGBT rights, in reality, I am against the LGBT rights and where they got something they did it without the EU, the impression is that the EU puts the cap on other people’s merits to sell itself, what’s intrinsecate in the EU structure is just the privilege and the unaccountability; even when they boast about protecting the workers’s rights, because a firm must give a pause of 10 minutes each 2 hours work etc. First of all, “Are you talking to me?” I mean, have we got to do like Robert DeNiro In taxi driver, are you kidding me? The whole of those rights were scratched by Trade Unions not by the EU, in Sweden they have high level working rights independently from the EU, the europhiles just try to give the EU merits that belong to someone else, either the NATO, for security and peace, or Trade Unions for the rights of the workers, basically the EU has no merits, it just impoverished previously rich countries. All of them.

As for the claim that MI6 bosses said the Caliphate would be stronger with Brexit, well, change MI6 bosses then, I don’t believe it, yes, I’m arrogant, I believe they lie, it goes without saying that all these geniuses, Bloomberg former mayor of New York included, must lose face if there is Brexit, and Osborne, the economic illiterate himself, friend with all the reptilians in the world and Cameron who wants to enslave Britain as a nation approving the infamous TTIP that puts the national states under the control of the corporations, if there is Brexit they must leave too. And let Britain be run by people who love it.

Lord Owen loves it, I want to write down some of the things he said, because people must understand we are right and mainly because written down they are more impressive. Is Lord Owen an illiterate? Is he more stupid, less clever than Osborne? No. Or Christine Sarkò-do-what-you-like-with-me Lagarde? No. But let’s read, the patriot and honest politician:

“It was a disaster, basically this belief that you have a currency without a country and this experiment has gone on, we’ve now had a eurozone crisis for seven years – seven years sic – you in the US are trying to make them change it, we in Britain are trying to make them change it, they’re not gonna change it either than in a crisis, because they can’t, and they’ve left the EU in disarray, it is a dysfunctional organization and sadly I have to say, more in sorrow than in anger it’s the british interest to get out now before the collapse, Obama is interested of course for us to stay in to try to prevent the collapse, but it’s time we put our own interest and our own people’s jobs and our prosperity first and got out what is a totally dysfunctional Union and it’s heading for nowhere, quite sits on a stagnant area and we’ll find other jobs, other trading opportunities in other countries…”

Thank you, Lord Owen. Notice, this “dysfunctional union”  dysfunctional means the structure is wrong, which Osborne and Lagarde don’t understand or pretend not to understand, in fact the refugee crisis is due to the EU, if there were nations there wouldn’t be any because Greece and Italy would do like Malta and Australia, whatever nonsense they tell Brussels, the eurozone crisis, the greek debt and bailout tango is impossible to heal without breaking the eurozone, still, and here I would like Lord Owen and people like him to give a hand, in Italy, Greece etc, the eurosceptic politicians are not respected, they are called far right ultra nationalists etc. In Italy we were dragged into the eurozone by the establishment and couldn’t get out of the eurozone basically because the masonic establishment with ties in the City Lord Owen must know prohibits it, if a politician proposes to exit the dysfunctional eurozone is labelled a populist or even a fascist and in Britain, even if you say, word by word, the same things Lord Owen wrote or proclaimed, Lord Owen is respectable and you are a fascist. They should give a hand to the eurosceptic continental politicians, what ‘s wrong with Marine LePen? What’s really wrong with Hofer? That we don’t want to be invaded by the muslims? Go and live in the muslim countries before judging LePen, of course we don’t like it. There’s plenty of muslim countries in Northern Africa and Asia I don’t see the point in transforming Paris in a muslim area. Marine Le Pen is right.

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