The Osborne’s Perspective: with Brexit the price of houses will fall. And he thinks this is a bad thing. Because he thinks about the owners who’ll see the value of their properties fall not about the first time buyers.


Osborne is friend with Christine Lagarde and says the IMF doesn’t want Brexit, thanks and then? The price of the houses will fall. Mm…interesting, I may finally be able to buy. But he, with that look upon his face thinks this is bad because he identifies with the owners of a lot of properties who have bought houses as an investment and will see their investment lose value, he doesn’t seem to think about a young couple or about a person who finally with lower prices would be able to buy one.

Brexit is good for the common people and bad for financial speculators and multiple properties owners and people who control the corporations, mainly all friends of Osborne’s. It’s not that people necessarily lie when they campaign pro or against Brexit, they may be thinking about the interests of different groups. Osborne thinks about the Bilderbergers he regularly meets, the IMF, the big property owners. We think about the rest. Maybe even London will go back affordable and that would be good, for me too. I have to go back there at least once and seriously it has become too expensive, if the situation in London calmed down too for people like me would be good. Enjoy Osborne saying it’s a tragedy if houses’s prices fall.

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