Readers, please, we must save us, pray with me – Video-

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The pope has abandoned Christianity, he talks about humanism, wants – strangely – a muslim invasion, they say he’s a mason and is tricking the catholics. In the lutheran church of Sweden and Norway they perform gay weddings inside the church, which is offensive. Not because homosexuals are evil, but the gay marriage with the gay adoption and the children on sale is. The Church of England still resists, maybe because they have kept both the Bible like the lutherans and the Sacraments like the catholics, they try to keep the balance, or because someone is praying strongly against the actual collapse of the morality, the church and the western civilizations. In a world where we feel like christians abandoned by many pastors, we must gather and pray like Jesus said. We pray also for taking the right decisions in politics and in our personal life.

Please watch the videos and pray, we will win. Our fathers and grandfathers had to do tougher wars than this one. People who will stick to Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ will not abandon them. And if you are not christian, get interested in Christianity and at least watch and listen, if you don’t say “amen” you are not participating to the prayer, I don’t surreptitiously convert anyone, people who want to convert to Christianity must take their own decision by themselves, if you say “amen” you do participate to the prayer, it’s up to you to decide.

This is the prayer I wrote:

Dear Almighty Father,

I and my readers pray You

that You enlighten our minds whenever we have to decide,

make us see for whom we’ve got to vote, what to do in politics and what to do in our personal life.

We ask You to have mercy on us,

to make us see our own mistakes and sins and to forgive us and to save our souls.

We ask You that you make us forgive our enemies too.

We ask You all this in the Name of Jesus Christ Our Lord, Who’s Your Son and lives and reigns with You in the Unity of the Holy Spirit.


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