Ambrose Evans Pritchard backs Brexit, even though he says it won’t be easy; but also winning WWII wasn’t like eating an ice cream and the EU is – beyond doubt – another dictatorship.


Beyond doubt. The EU is another dictatorship. Unelected burocrats chosen inside freemasonic lodges we don’t know by whom precisely, who have to swear fidelity to the lodge or they are not given the job. This is why we must get rid of it all: they do obey to the banks and the corporations physically probably to the people of the Rothschild clan. And this is why Lord Mandelson, major minion of Rothschild, Tony Blair, who filled Britain with immigrants against the interests of the british people and who was given the job through Mandelson by Rothschild and Matteo Renzi, minion of the minion of Rothschild DeBenedetti: all want you to stay in. PM David Cameron and Bullingdon boy George Osborne included. It’s minions of Rothschild and they would like, for their personal career and exclusively for their personal interest to give to Rothschild the control on our countries.

The most extreme case being the french one, when literally the same person Edouard de Rothschild is:

  1. The leader of the french marxist pro-mass immigration Left.
  2. The owner of the utmost irritating lefty anti-nationalist press included Libération.
  3. The leader and financier of the ultra nationalist blood-and-land jewish State of Israel. Where they don’t even want the palestinians mind you the other “refugees”, the refugees, Rothschild sends them to France. That’s disgusting really.

In Britain is pretty much the same, change the name Edouard with name Jacob and you’ve got the british situation.

Add to this that people know it. And few brave ones have the guts to say it, because you know there’s antisemitism. Nowadays, if they don’t accuse you of antisemitism it means you don’t understand what’s going on in Israel and inside the israeli-marxist jewish lobbies around the world or you understand it and shut up. And this is not my case.

I’ve always compared innocent jews to those catholic ladies who pray the Virgin Mary and don’t understand what they do in the Vatican. It’s obviously not their fault what they do in the Vatican, but they do it. So there are jews who don’t belong to marxist jewish freemasonry or to Israel, but the marxist jewish freemasonry exists and damages our countries the same, also at a sexual education level, among the many dirty things they do now they managed, I don’t know how, to include sexual education in the primary schools and try to push the homosexual and trans agenda to children under ten. And they have the house in Tel Aviv and are friends of Netanyahu. But they’ll pay for it. These people back staying in. Stronger In. They Rothschild and Co. would be “stronger In” not the common people, that’s clear.

Now Ambrose Evans Pritchard knows it. He says that the City that financed the Nazi even after the Anschluss (the annexation of Austria) the City that wanted Britain not to help the Belgians in 1914, has no moral authority when one talks of sovereignty. He’s saying the same thing as me or David Icke in the language of the establishment: we say Rothschild, he says “The City”, so it’s true Rothschild financed the Nazi, and why? To force the lower middle class jews go and colonize the state of Israel because in reality the Jews in Austria and Germany lived perfectly well and didn’t intend to move to go and dig the land in the Middle East. It’s the same as what David Icke and Alex Jones said. It’s disgusting and impressive, but this is it. I tell you more. If real antisemitism explodes, as long as a  jew has nothing to do with freemasonry I’d hide him in my house, but let’s try to clean the land without making casualties.

Rothschild and the masons, also “christian” ones, like Mogherini, Boldrini, Peter Sutherland etc. are the enemy and the EU is their way of sucking up power from the democratically elected parliaments to themselves, unelected and unremovable. The Troika aka IMF, ECB and European Commission should command over the democratically elected parliaments, this is what they call and hide behind the words “peace in the world” and “human values”, they give me nausea.

They are strongly suspected of creating the crisis on purpose and fight against national states to try to impose this masonic euro-commissioners-dictatorship making life impossible to common people. And here comes the intelligence.

Lately, Juncker the masonic-commissioner wrote to Renzi the masonic unelected italian PM that he agrees that the refugee crisis should have a european approach. No, it shouldn’t. I don’t live in Italy from today, Italy is not in front of Africa ever since Renzi is Prime Minister, Italy has always been in front of Africa and we have always managed our coastline, it’s Renzi who does it on purpose to take immigrants with the criminal aim of making the situation explode to get the euro-agency to patrol the coasts in our – italians -place, but you wouldn’t have tough right wingers like Orban or Kristian Thulesen Dahl leading the operation to prevent the invasion. In that case, it would be useless and slightly offensive towards us italians, obviously we can do it by ourselves, but the coastline would be protected; no, what they want is an “agency” where the unelected masonic commissioners decide how many immigrants to take to Europe for re-colonizing all of Europe of black muslims because this is Tony Blair’s, Lord Mandelson’s, Lord Rothschild’s obsession: “In Europe there are too many white christians” “Europe mustn’t be white christian” “What the EU hasn’t got to be is -try and guess- white christian”. This is also why they are fast tracking the accession of Turkey in the EU without telling anything anyone, they have already included Turkish among the official languages of the EU, in Turkey btw they are naturally anti-christian and the State has seized the property of all churches.

Why are all these marxist israeli jews and pious catholics related to the jesuitic freemasonry so anti-christian? Shiver. Because they are satanist.

In this contest they shouldn’t outlaw the far right because we are in need of people unapologetically against the lefty marxist agenda, moreover the far right is an outpost for free speech, if they can say what they like, we all can and without that strange feeling of danger that comes more from the state than from the far right skinheads.

As to the nonsensical statement that this cannot be true because “we’re all in this together” so if we collapse the various masonic commissioners and PMs would collapse too, no, unfortunately they wouldn’t: they are planning to save themselves personally and leave the rest of us in the mud, what Adam Walker called in “the multicultural shit-hole”. I got 100% convinced of this when the EU institutions, commissioners and co. after claiming we are racist to require a break on immigration and the repatriation of the muslim hardliners, now they want to strengthen the protection for themselves. No wall or fence in Macedonia, where they are rumoured to be planning a regime change to obtain an open border ruling class they way they’ve got it in Italy and Greece- and you can see the result- regime change which will mean an invasion out of metaphor, an invasion tout court, an invasion of middle eastern men who say  we western women need “real men” referring to themselves as such, thugs who control the territory imposing sharia patrols and assault “slags” and are apologetic of the jihad; well, after plotting the abolition of the frontiers and the consequent invasion now in Brussels they want £3 million for their own personal security. So, we’d have to explode and to shut up or we are racist and they want Macedonia to make the fence/protection collapse, not because they think there’s no danger, but because they don’t care about the people’s destiny, they intend to use our tax money to build a wall of protection around themselves, that’s why they’re not concerned. They would live in  an oasis where without pass no one can get near them and we should live in the chaos. Don’t give them a penny, if they blow up like the Bataclan I’m satisfied. Anyway we must exit the EU. Thanks, Evans Pritchard for joining us. I know you did. At least if I can understand english I understood you’re a brexiter.

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