Month: April 2016

While Britain keeps discussing the problem of Antisemitism…in Israel/Palestine they go on pulling down palestinians’ houses and prohibit the reconstruction, are people going to be tentative in saying it not to be accused of antisemitism?

Now that even the Guardian is tentative in reporting the news from Israel/Palestine, now that the big problem is Labour “antisemitism” which is a new version of antisemitism without any attack towards the english or european jews and without any element… Read More ›

I understand the frustration of american and european jews, but the problem of the marxist jews campaigning actively against nationalist politicians exist, and the owners of the marxist antinationalist press are israeli.

Bloomberg condemns Trump for saying “America first”, jewish journalist Eli such and such complains about Trump. L’Espresso and Repubblica tried to destroy Matteo Salvini and Silvio Berlusconi, owner of these journals is jewish israeli Carlo DeBenedetti. Le Monde condemns Le… Read More ›