Shocking: Henry Kissinger allegedly gang-raped 5 men in Cambodia, Kay Griggs reports. USA Middle East State Department’ s got 100% jewish staff. Instead of crying “antisemitism” go and check it.

I’m sick and tired of the people who cry “antisemitism” while the jewish occupation of powerful key places in american institutions is such that looks like the jewish – masonic plot Mussolini talked about, doesn’t it?

It’s not the israeli embassy, it is the State Department of the Middle East of the USA, Kathryne Pollard Griggs, Kay Griggs wife of George Griggs, could visit it together with Sarah McClendon, a roman catholic she protestant was deeply friend with and, it was astonishing: in all offices, all the employees, all the staff, all 100%, were jewish zionists, they had big images of Israel, israeli magazines, many of them wore the kippah an that’s the USA  ME State Department; Middle East doesn’t mean Israel, this department handles Jordan, Egypt, not to mention Palestinian territories, Syria, all the Middle East and, not only there isn’t a single muslim or arab, there isn’t even a single white or black christian neither catholic nor protestant; Kay, outspoken and “elegantly shameless” as she is – I quite like this Lady – asked “who represents the palestinians?” she was answered “We handle all of it”. Can you hear me, Obama?

Now, to all the people who cry antisemitism, I am sorry, but this must end. There should be at least a third of jews a third of muslim arabs and a third of christians. To make it quite balanced for ME and for America, these are the people who hate “white christian America” that is Kay Griggs or Sarah McClendon. Just like they hate the arab muslims for that. They use people.

More on this jewish zionist lobby in the USA, always Kay Griggs takes the legal responsibility of saying that Henry Kissinger is a gay rapist and did rape at least five soldiers in Cambodia and menaced them “if you talk you are ruined” but one of them did talk to Mrs. Griggs and since she takes the legal responsibility of saying it I take the moral responsibility of publishing it. Posting the live witnessing at the end of this post: she does say the name of the poor soldier who got gang raped by Kissinger and other soldiers.

These people, gay rapists, control the bilderberg that gives orders to RAI and BBC and many of our politicians; and the USA army according to Griggs is taken over by them, she said: ” basically they killed all the good guys” I don’t know whether this is true – that there are no more good guys left in the army – I hope not. The marines, according to Griggs, control also the White House.

These people are the club of Mr. Carlo DeBenedetti the italian jewish zionist that gave us the Renzi & the blondes government in the place of the one chosen by us, a totally incompetent government, with ministers, e.g. Ms. Madia, who don’t know what the Decrees they sign talk about, with Renzi’s lovers or friends in key positions, with Mogherini who can barely speak english as EU Foreign Minister and Vice President of the commission. In Italy there are far more competent and skilled people than these ones, add that they are not even democratically elected, but these people are obeying to the gay-rapists sect with Kissinger and DeBenedetti and Soros on top: they are bringing muslim immigrants, the PM actually behaves like a human trafficker, and legalized gay weddings according to what Soros and DeBenedetti ordered them. I believe Carlo DeBenedetti, who controls L’Espresso and Repubblica, that were always quite “dirty” and lefty and have been promoting during the years all the sexually perverted side of the Bilderberg agenda other than the mass immigration policy: pornography, teen age orgies and obviously gay weddings, gay adoptions, surrogate motherhood, abortion and open borders to muslim immigrants and now controls also Corriere della Sera, well he must be a gay rapist too, because according to Griggs, if you’re not such you are excluded from the ruling section of the Bilderberg and the NWO actors.

These people, lobbists, gay rapists, liars  say “Farage and Marine LePen are the bad guys” Farage and Marine Le Pen in comparison to them are Saint Francis and Saint Claire from Assisi.

These people try to criminalize Brexit, these people ordered the open border policy to western politicians because, no matter the fake philanthropic excuses the leftists give for it, they do just want to demolish western states to take over. If you are not convinced yet that all those leftists and “charities” really knowingly or not work for the NATO and the american jewish think tanks give a serious look at the book “Weapons of Mass Migration – forced Displacement, Coercion and Foreign Policy” by Kelly M. Greenhill published by the Cornell University Press – Cornell Studies in Security Affairs. Here’s a small introduction extract where it is described what they’re doing in Europe only a couple of years in advance:

Coercers aim to affect target states’ behavior by exploiting the existence of competing political interests and groups – e.g. Boldrini, Mogherini, Renzi the inept who would do anything to grab an undeserved level of power Ed. Notes, Greenhill argues, and by manipulating the costs or risks imposed on target state populations.

This “coercion by punishment” strategy can be effected in two ways: the first relies on straightforward threats to overwhelm a target’s capacity to accommodate a refugee or migrant influx; the second, on a kind of norms-enhanced political blackmail that exploits the existence of legal and normative commitments to those fleeing violence, persecution, or privation. The theory is further illustrated and tested in a variety of case studies from Europe, East Asia, and North America. To help potential targets better respond to—and protect themselves against—this kind of unconventional predation, Weapons of Mass Migration also offers practicable policy recommendations for scholars, government officials, and anyone concerned about the true victims of this kind of coercion—the displaced themselves.

Here’s the second part of the courageous interview to Kay Griggs where she talks about Kissinger’s rapist habits and the total control by the zionists of the ME State Department.


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