Month: March 2016

The New World Order seems the gay a-racist and globalist version of the italian far right formation Ordine Nuovo -New Order in it.-. They even have the same spiritual leader in René Guenon and share interest in the holy war, Islam and oriental philosophies. And terror attacks to set up a New Order.

Are we sure the leftists know that they are doing something lefty, after all? Because today I got somewhat enlightened, or I had the impression, like when you think you start seeing things the way they truly are…I was always impressed… Read More ›

Shocking: Henry Kissinger allegedly gang-raped 5 men in Cambodia, Kay Griggs reports. USA Middle East State Department’ s got 100% jewish staff. Instead of crying “antisemitism” go and check it.

I’m sick and tired of the people who cry “antisemitism” while the jewish occupation of powerful key places in american institutions is such that looks like the jewish – masonic plot Mussolini talked about, doesn’t it? It’s not the israeli embassy,… Read More ›

NATO’s worst secrets: it recruits psychologically troubled boys in poor countries to carry on terror attacks plus Skull&Bones gay initiation ritual that filled the top of the american institutions of gays.

Very well, it’s all in an interview released by Mrs. Kay Griggs, wife of George Griggs an elite soldier who participated to the Princeton University’s equivalent of the Skull&Bones secret society aimed at recruiting the “best” for the army. She… Read More ›