Goldman Sachs’ ex-managing director organizing smuggling immigrants to Europe.

We never think badly enough about Goldman Sachs, more than a bank seems to be a criminal association. And a sect indeed. All the major globalists come from there, both Mario Draghi and Mario Monti, also Romano Prodi, the italian prime Minister who pushed Italy in the eurozone without italian economy to match the minimum criteria, inventing the euro-tax, with the consequences everybody can see, and could Goldman Sachs not be behind the big operation of smuggling people from Africa and Asia to Europe? No. In fact the banksters are doing even this. Here’s the net of smugglers step by step up to Goldman Sachs ex managing director:

Sky journalist finds a booklet that gives advices to the immigrants about how to sell themselves as refugees and the telephone numbers and lefty association to call, maps and safe roads to Europe:manual-profughiW2E

Sky journalist telephones to the help number and a woman based in Austria, called Sonia and who can speak arab answers and gives him the instructions to reach illegally Austria the number of the UNHCR, Amnesty, Red Cross etc. Is she a volunteer? No, she and the 100 members of the staff of the call center are paid workers that offer 24/7 service to the immigrants/refugees. Even the people who greeted the foreigners at the Munich station in Germany were hired at € 10 per hour with shifts and had to welcome and give food and water to the refugees and exhibit the “refugees welcome” cartels. If you can read french here’s the website that rents “manifestants” for everything , while if you can read italian go to the article by Mr. Maurizio Blondet for more on this (everybody was wandering how it was possible that the German had become so good in half an hour…).

The association based in Austria is called (the one who helps the refugees), but on their website it was found out that the registrar of the association website is the Ayn Rand Institute based in New York. Evidence here

AynRandBehindFluchlingehelfers Click on the photograph to enlarge it and you’ll see Registrant Organization: The Ayn Rand Institute.

Obviously we go on the official website of this american foundation, skip to the staff board and what do we found? The chairman is an ex Goldman Sachs managing Director; here’s the screenshot of the board and staff page:

AynRandBoard Click to enlarge or go directly to the ari.aynrand/board and staff webpage

What’s wrong with Goldman Sachs? Why all the people who come from there dare and do illegal things to push globalization and mass immigration? They bought politicians, Mario Draghi, journalists, probably they are behind the Bilderberg. They have enough money to pay for all this, all these “good ones” are hired and are paid to lie about the real situation. The DailyMail Online wrote an article about the lies and security problems, that include rapes of women and children in the refugees camps in Germany, and we already gave a glance to what happened in Sweden inside a refugee camp and it’s pretty much the same, because no matter the Bilderberg controlled Television we reached the point up to 80% of the immigrants are young adult males and the 20% of women and children are exposed to sex abuse, the police doesn’t control anything, the number is crazily high and the good “angel of the refugees” ask the victims to shut up, the lefty politicians threaten the police officers if they talk, not to stop all this and not to ruin the reputation of the people in the camps. In Italy a girl who was raped in a refugee camp sued both the rapist and the lefty helpers for asking her to shut up, which is a crime of favouring the rape. Here’s the italian article and here’s the article of the DailyMail about the situation in Germany.

Why television doesn’t give these terrible news? Remember that both the RAI President Monica Maggioni and The BBC chairman are invited at the Bilderberg, they were probably told openly by this Goldman Sachs’s organization to hide the bad news and lie, the same Goldman Sachs is organizing and financing the big smuggling, and they must be arrested for it. All the ex Goldman Sachs men – and women – are in key places for bringing about this.

And the Pope and the religionists?

Goldman Sachs jewish people are under the religious guide of such twisted rabbis like the infamous Ishmael Levitts, despised by many other rabbis, but probably not despised by the Goldman Sachs people, he’s convulsively vindictive for the Holocaust and claims that to have a sort of “justice” also the white must experience a genocide, with women raped and children burnt and the men who survive feeling powerless, here’s the notorious quote:IshmaelLevitts He’s not the only one, there are others who said they found out in the scriptures that the Messiah will come by the end of the world and that since they want to see the Messiah and the end of the world will come with a white males massacres (?)  they are urging this second coming pushing for the white males massacres, here’s another quote by an Harvard (yes, the communist Harvard) professor, and then another crazy rabbi againRabbiRavTouitouFrench


This is on the jewish side, and on the christian side? In Italy is more than evident that all the people pushing for mass immigration are either jesuits, like Pope Francis, or lay people who did the school of the Jesuits, this includes Mario Draghi and Mario Monti. While Romano Prodi is a committed catholic politician well connected with the cardinals and the high clergy anyway. The commitment of Pope Francis and I’m afraid also of Canterbury’s Archbishop Justin Welby to the mass immigration cause is blatant and total.

Is there a tie between the crazy rabbis the christian protestant third-worldists and the Jesuits? I don’t know, there may be at “Illuminati” level, but another enlightening information comes from the catholic clergy: Cardinal Danneels wrote in a book that he and other cardinals organized the “golpe” to make Ratzinger fall and put Bergoglio, their man and a jesuit, in his place, using blackmail and the threat to reveal homosexual scandals in the Vatican. This explains why everything is being presented as a “helping the poor victims” operation, because while the crazy rabbis openly give way to their bad thoughts, the jesuits and their protestant counterparts try always to cover it up with “helping the poor” and “helping the victims” stories. If you read the DailyMail article, the article about the rapes in Sweden and the one happened in Italy in all three articles you can find the lefty mafia attitude to ask for “omertà” stay silent, say nothing happened under threat of sacking. Remember that Goldman Sachs has money enough and enough men in key powerful positions to really organized all this. The fact that they are ex-Goldman doesn’t mean anything because it is widely known that once you are a Goldman man you are a Goldman man forever, like you entered a sect. As for the leftists or the Guardian journalists will they wake up one day or are they aware they are serving Goldman’s masters and they like it? Goldman Sachs’s aim is to make the states fall and take the power from the states to the unelected bodies, like the EU commission or the BCE where they have their men.

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