DavidFreeword and Friends World is the website about international politics, Elite and society. Uncensored news, strong supporter of freedom of press and freedom of speech, promoter and defender of western culture. Against any attempt to introduce the opinion crime.

Icon of the website is King David watching over a christian church in direct opposition to the new catholicism that asks christians not to defend themselves or their lands and criminalizes people who want to control one’s Country’s borders or to keep cultural and religious control over one’s land. We believe that this new type of catholicism is evil, smooth and evidently infected by freemasonry.

We no longer feel like supporting Israel and opposing anti-zionism, due to the continuous wars and massacres in Middle East and the activity of the israeli lobby, we do not feel like sharing those responsibilities and no longer believe that the Holocaust can in any way justify them, we would like Israel to be something different than it is, but it is a pure war monger and that cannot be our fault. If peaceful jews or christians want to move to Israel I wish them good luck.


Paola Menella Distilo


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  1. As you mention (infer) the holocaust being used to justify Israel’s existence, let me point out that since the fall of the Soviet bloc 25 years ago, we now know that the holocaust was a monstrous lie.


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