SHOCKING NEWS: Prince William manspreading, Tell the feminists…


I wanted to try and help men who man-spread without the malice the feminists imagine, because it is clear that the feminists

epa03827427 An undated handout photograph made available by the US television Broadcasting company CNN on 16 August 2013 showing Britain's Duke of Cambridge, Prince William, giving an interview to CNN correspondent Max Foster (not pictured) in London, England. Prince William has given his first official interview since becoming a father, with CNN's Max Foster, to talk about baby George, his wife Catherine, and what it's like to be a new father. The interview is part of a one-hour special, 'Prince William's Passion: New Father, New Hope,' which will aired on CNN and British broadcaster ITV in September 2013.  EPA/MIKE LAWN / CNN / HANDOUT  HANDOUT EDITORIAL USE ONLY/NO SALES

think men man-spread because they want to rape them, I read it on the Telegraph by a wonder woman, very wonder and little woman, that she felt like the chap was man-spreading like he was doing a sexual assault, the chap was probably reading his newspaper, I even wanted to ask men politely not to take all the space for themselves and to try to take it as a politeness, but no, the feminists want the war, they don’t want any politeness, the under-thought is that men man-spread because they are wicked.

I always considered modern feminism a bit coward, because they always attack the non particularly rich fellows to avoid the guy may pay some very good team of lawyers and send them to hell, the way Alexander Economou did with poor Eleanor De Freitas  showing everybody they were engaged and the day after the alleged rape she was kissing him publicly and was quite tender with him; had he not been rich now he would be dishonoured and in jail.

Now the feminists target men who sit with the legs even only slightly open on public transport and intend to send them to jail. Why don’t they send to jail Nat Rothschild or the Prince of Wales or Sir Julian Horn Smith or… here a couple of photographs:


I’d like these important men to help the ones who haven’t got a bank to defend themselves by the bullying of the feminists, or the feminists should have the guts to attack the Gotha too.

Prince william



Prince Harry does better, he dares and man-spreads even in the official portrait, he’s always been a rebel HarryWilliamOFfPortrait

The father Prince Charles and the two sons


Nat Rothschild man-spreads at home and at the official gatherings


Boris Johnson




Andrew Marr (the Andrew Marr’s show is a scandal, almost everybody man-spreads but the women,  even  Ed Miliband)


No hope for the future, baby Prince George…



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  2. But worry not, I have a trick!


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