Manfred Rouhs (M., r.), der Bundesvorsitzende der rechtspopulistischen Partei "Buergerbewegung Pro Deutschland", steht am Montag (25.07.11) in Berlin waehrend einer Mahnwache anlaesslich der Attentate in Norwegen am Freitag (22.07.11) mit weiteren Mitgliedern der Partei vor der norwegischen Botschaft vor einem Polizisten. Gegen die Mahnwache unter dem Motto "Berlin solidarisch mit Oslo: Hauptstadt der Angst? Nicht mit uns!" hatte das Berliner Buendnis "Rechtspopulismus stoppen" zu Protesten aufgerufen. (zu dapd-Text)
Foto: Maja Hitij/dapd

The Europeans are behaving like gypsies, they run from a country to another, from the big cities to the villages to avoid facing the problem. They must stop and vote Right wing.

I wrote here, in this website: “If the Swedes had voted Right wing fifteen years ago, we wouldn’t be in the situation we are now”. Also in Britain. The Europeans, Britons included, have unfortunately turned into the “roma” mode: they… Read More ›


Ten countries on the Black List of the Neocons, and there are also “friends” like Jordan and Turkey and obviously Russia. Trump may save us really from WWIII.

 I’ll be brief ’cause I have to travel: on Maurizio Blondet’s website there’s an astonishing list of countries about which the american neocons have declared that “whose stability cannot be granted” in the future. Knowing how these neocons use the… Read More ›


EU is founded against Free Speech, therefore we must exit – Video –

I have a little message for you, and I apologize for the poor quality of the video* – *I changed the first version of the video with an HD version, now the quality should be quite ok Ed. Notes  – the day… Read More ›

A child is covered with a sleeping bag as he waits with other migrants near the border train station of Idomeni, northern Greece, to be allowed by the Macedonian police to cross the border from Greece to Macedonia on Tuesday, Aug. 18, 2015. More than 135,000 migrants have arrived on Greek islands so far this year, hoping to head north to other more prosperous European countries such as Germany, the Netherlands and Scandinavian countries. (AP Photo/Giannis Papanikos)

The Britons are deluded if they fancy themselves “good” it’d be enough to split minors among children from 0 to 12 and teens, 13 to 17, and take 0-12 first.

I am so disillusioned by the britons who fancy themselves good that I miss the point in telling them basic things: children are prepubescent little non sexually mature human beings who usually go from babies to 12 years old, particularly… Read More ›

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