Last Night in Sweden: Woman Brutally Gang Raped, Racially Abused, rapists called her “swedish” as an insult; Police Not Interested » Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!

Last night in Sweden went even worse: foreign rapists gang rape woman call her swedish as if it meant something offensive, police not interested in the report say they have no personnel to do the arrest job. Vote rightwing, I… Read More ›


Trump, don’t give them Jerusalem, they are pigs: US Jews Condemn Trump’s Deportation Rules, but Back Israel’s – The New Observer – Not only, in Israel there’s an office to faciliate the immigration of non jewish arabs and africans to Europe, USA, Australia & Co. I.Hate.Them. Fuck them All. Abolish the double nationality with these pigs! 

All the major Jewish activist groups in America—including the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS)—have come out in opposition to the new deportation guidelines announced by the Trump administration—but continue to back Israel’s deportation rules, which… Read More ›


What to do now about the african-asian european citizens? Turn them to Rightwing until we can. – They won’t admit it in Stockholm, but Donald Trump is right about immigration in Sweden – Fraser Nelson –

I have to quote a couple of sentence of this article by Fraser Nelson that I link, “On the day I arrived in Sweden, a 23-year-old was murdered in the city square there, shot in the head in front of… Read More ›


Rothschild’s panicking over LePen and Macron doesn’t even collect all of Bayrou’s votes that partially go to Fillon.

SOURCE by Maurizio Blondet February 23, 2017 You will know already, because it was in the news. As soon as the polls has profiled a victory of Marine Le Pen in the first round, but not only, on the ballot, two misfortunes have… Read More ›

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