Obviously it’s the judges’ fault. The judge who didn’t punish the non white man who spat at the white baby is 100% guilty, like the judges who try actively to block LePen and Fillon, like the judges in Texas who oblige the state to finance abortions like the italian judges who allowed the immigration crisis. I know, this is why blacks and asians who are honest must vote Rightwing the same.

Look, blacks and asians who love justice must vote rightwing the same, it’s the judges’s fault if Europe is in this condition and they can remember too how nice it was till 10 or 15 years ago; the judge who… Read More ›


Go on like this, don’t vote Britain First or BNP, take spittings by asians…Why should you vote Britain First or BNP? Love Trumps Spittings and you are a compassionate country, that’s concerned about the values, that Trump and Britain First menace that you may not be spat at anymore…the BBC is the equivalent of the vaseline for you know what. 

Asian pig, as some say the hybrid human-pig was already invented, the scientists didn’t do anything new, well this non white pig spat at a 9 months old baby saying “white people shouldn’t breed” then he gets sued by the… Read More ›


Corbyn is antisemite, Trump is antisemite, Malia Buatta is antisemite, actually the Jews accuse of antisemitism everybody who doesn’t obey them completely, included the ones who help them but without obeying them. Can you see it or not?

Why don’t the jews say thanks to Trump? Because in their opinion the goym should be their slaves. Corbyn is against Israel and pro Palestine but likes english jews who are not double nationals, Trump is strongly pro Israel but doesn’t… Read More ›


Do you see what I mean when I say the skinheads in the 90ies were right? Jews accuse people of antisemitism until they don’t obey them totally, the only answer is “fuck off to israel and shut up, no one forces you, to live here, certainly not I”. Anne Frank Center director blames Trump for anti-Semitism | Daily Mail Online

Trump is antisemite, no matter the jewish grandchildren raised by their jewish father in the religion without Christ, the little ones are not christened, the boy is circumcised, but according to the jewish lobby he’s antisemite. Do you know why?… Read More ›

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