The King of Holland is on the side of the invasion. Son of the founder of the Bilderberg, he came out. Where’s the guillotine?

The original one must be in some french museum, the french can use it to behead the ones who want the invasion of France, and can lend it to the Dutch; The King of Holland is on the side of… Read More ›

I am a conspiracy theorist and I do believe it’s the british government organizing the terror attack to justify militarization of society and why at this point you better vote BNP. Or-Even-Corbyn. 

Now they’re scared. Of Jeremy Corbyn. But there is something more disturbing in Theresa May, the good girl for antonomasia, the “Vicar’s daughter” aka, in the mind of the dull, the “good girl” she was born into church, she was… Read More ›

G7 VICTORY FOR THE RIGHT: thanks to Trump and other RW Leaders NO Immigration compact and the declaration that the States have a right to secure their borders and set limits to immigration. Voting Right-Wing repays, vote BNP in Britain too.

This is to the people who say “Nothing will change, they’re all the same”. No, they’re not, I’ve just read the good news of the day here At the G7 in Sicily the transnationalist, globalist multiculturalist agenda is blocked by Trump… Read More ›

Paul, I do agree with you, but please make the endorsement for the BNP. I see no other solution. If the BNP takes seats they will push/force May to shut the borders and repatriate the jihadi linked immigrants for fear of …Corbyn PM.

I agree with pretty much everything P. J. Watson says in this sad video. But, he still doesn’t do the endorsement for the Elections 2017. Now the endorsement of Infowars is extremely powerful particularly with the english speaking people, in… Read More ›

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