Is it now the “Momentum’s moment”? Benjamin Netanyahu directly threatens Europe that “it will disappear unless it complies with Israel” the israeli lobby can be destroyed, but, at moment, only by the Left – Video –

Don’t believe him, to host french christian refugees or to host another load of muslims from Middle East is the opposite. “Brexit is Britain’s chance to be a hospitable host to refugees again” – (stupid) Telegraph –

Tate Britain has just announced its next great show – an exhibition of works by French impressionists who fled to London to escape the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-71. Notice how the pro-immigrants lie, they show you a nice french fresh… Read More ›

Gentiloni looks like one who did a conspiracy without telling the other conspirators and now he’s stuck. Like an asshole.

Gentiloni the italian Prime Minister is the one who tries desperately to apply the Kalergy Plan, opens the gates to millions of Africans no matter refugees or immigrants or middle class african men in need of nothing and also, let’s… Read More ›

Kilamba the town in Angola built by the Chinese is waiting for us to send the refugees and immigrants there. That’s a great solution.

There is a big question in the world: why are the Chinese building empty towns in Africa? New towns with apartments, schools, highways etc but there are no inhabitants. I suppose the Chinese had a vision: the Europeans will have… Read More ›

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