The thug ex first lady Michelle Obama enters a church in shoulder-baring top in Tuscany, because she’s rough and has no education of any kind | Daily Mail Online

This is the way a lady is supposed to…enter and visit a church. The Obamas are thugs, rough, uneducated and stop. Go back where you come from, you’re not even sexy. “The former First Lady looked especially glamorous as she… Read More ›

SHOCKING and this is communism, the bolsheviks of the EU in action: Greek Authorities To Launch Mass Confiscation Of Safe Deposit Boxes, Securities, Homes In Tax-Evasion Crackdown | Zero Hedge

Must read article by the heroic ZeroHedge, I am speechless, breathless, this is communism: mass confiscation of private properties by the EU agents with greek passport “to pay the debt to the EU”. Someone take Greece out of the EU…. Read More ›

At the EU they must stop trying to change the Treaties adding and cancelling parts of them after they are written and signed. The Poles are right again.

The thing headquartered in Brussels, the thing called Union that I deprive of the word “european” because it’s not such and to call it such is wrong and misleading, that thing must stop trying to peddle the NWO in disguise… Read More ›

The Poles are right in not accepting refugees or immigrants from Africa and Asia, they joined Schengen, no one told them they should accept abolishing the external borders of the EU, had they been told so, they would say NO and in Brussels they know it, so now they must shut up and accept white christian Europe. – POLITICO

Let alone the hypocritical attitude of Politico describing the situation, a Country has any right to see its own identity respected, but at the EU they are wrong and liars, when you join the EU they tell you: “You’ll have… Read More ›

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